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Random list of links to websites and people who's writings / photographs I respect and have found inspirational in some way or the other.

Had to remove  some links as those websites are no longer functional for various reasons.

Vikram Franklin - Inspirational landscapes and seascapes. I've learnt a lot by viewing Vikram's work over the past few years. He's also been immensely helpful in willing to part with some of his equipment as well as knowledge :) Had to remove the link because he's decided to do away with his website.

AshimDey - An online portfolio with photographs in various aspect ratios shot by a friend from the good old days at jjmpf.  I particularly love his square frames.

Dr Anand Narvekar - A good friend and shooting buddy who's an expert in macros and super-marcos. His usage, control and handling of the Canon MP E 65 lens is on par with the best in the world. Off late he's been shooting a lot of automobiles and travel too - With great reluctance he's finally put up some of his photos on the internet so sharing a link here to his travel photos. Hopefully he should someday add his macro work too.

Salil Kawli - A friend and shooting buddy from Bombay who takes photographs across genres in an artistic manner. He's also had a few exhibitions of his work. Shoots a mix of film and digital and shoots video professionally. 

Rishit Temkar - A photography friend who shoots travel. Has a good collection shot in various parts of the world especially some amazing photos of temples in Cambodia.

The X-Wides - compositions in the Hasselblad XPan aspect ratio - A very interesting project shot by a friend & fellow photographer Ashim Dey

Ken Rockwell - Outspoken with a sense of humour. Writes well and has a whole lot of information on lenses, cameras and techniques. While I may not agree with every single thing he says, he does in most cases make sense.

Photography Life - Huge collection of articles on photography. I've found Nasim to be a very balanced sort of a website owner who calls a spade a spade and has original content. 

Thom Hogan - I've really liked his reviews on Nikon equipment. Has also got a nice collection of articles

Rammohan Pai - I personally rate him as the finest flower photographer in the world. Whatever little I know about exposure has been learnt by reading stuff he's written and looking at his photos

Arnab Pratim Das - I consider him to be one of most technically accurate macro photographers in the world. Have learnt a lot by reading stuff he's written on forums and by observing  photos shot by him on film and digital. Unfortunately none of his work is online anymore so I cant share a link but whenever anyone mentions macros + technical accuracy in the same sentence then APD is the guy I  think off.

Ronnie Gaubert - Technical accuracy at its very best in terms of critters, butterflies and insects. I've also loved viewing his Landscapes. RIP Ronnie.

The Strobist - If you'd like to learn about off camera flash / strobes then I cant think of any resource better than this one.

Dr Caesar Sengupta - Though I don't shoot wildlife & birds, I've been shooting with DCP Expeditions for sometime now and Caesar is one of the founders. He's a great guy and a conservationist with excellent photography skills and knowledge. Dnn't miss visiting his website!

DCP Expeditions -  I still don't know what a landscape / seacape photographer like me is doing with a group full of wildlife and bird photographers but I've been shooting with them and I've had a great time. They shoot their pics & I shoot mine :). The group now also conducts tours and workshops in almost all genres of photography.

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