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I get asked this question a lot - "Can you teach me"?

If you'd like to learn photography or post-processing, I'd suggest you join a photography group, shoot regularly & review your work - that's the best way to learn. 

What if I still want to learn from you?

If you still feel you want to learn from me, I do teach photography and post processing however unlike most of the courses that you see advertised on the internet, I don't teach large groups nor do I give theoretical lessons without any practical sessions.

I teach people who are keen on learning from me via personalised coaching in the field either in Mumbai or Nashik - You get coached by me, you get to shoot with me, learn from me as well as use the equipment I own. 

Can we keep this coaching just between ourselves?

I don't advertise or post photos or names of people I coach. This coaching is confidential. If you wish to tell people about it you are most welcome however I leave that up to you!

Are there sessions or modules I can choose from? 

I usually provide personalised coaching in 2 categories for those wanting to learn photography from me- Beginners & Advanced.

Coaching on post processing can be taken separately or clubbed with the Advanced module. I don't however teach post processing as a stand alone section unless you show me photos shot by you and I feel that they are good enough for you to move up to the next level by learning post processing.

One of the reasons for this is that I firmly believe that post processing should be used to enhance a photo that is  already"good"  - so you should know how to shoot a reasonably good photograph first and you should know the rules of photography first before you learn post processing. 

Do I get any notes and what if have any queries in future?

You get

- Continued support and guidance for 2 months after the coaching sessions have ended. While I've said 2 months as that's the usual time frame that works for most people who are keen on taking their photography to the next level, you can always reach out even after these 2 months are over.

- Soft-copy of notes

Okay...so what do the modules look like?

1) Beginners - if you are just starting out with a DSLR

2) Advanced - part 1 and part 2

3) Post Processing  

4) An Introduction to shooting Film

And how long do these modules last?

1) Beginners - 9 hours of coaching spread over 3 Sundays

2) Advanced Part One - 5 hours of coaching spread over 2 Sundays. 

Advanced Part Two -  10 hours of coaching spread over 3 Sundays

3) Post Processing - 6 hours of coaching spread over 3 Sundays

4) Film Photography - 1 hour

What is a usual session like?

A usual session starts off with us talking about the topic,we then implement what we've learnt by shooting in the field and we wind up the session with a review of the photos we've shot and discuss what we could do differently to make the photos better. 

Since its personalised coaching, there is no restriction on the questions you can ask and doubts you can clarify. If you need help in purchasing equipment I can guide you on that too.


(all charges are mentioned in Indian Rupees)

1) Beginners - Rs 4000/-

2) Advanced - Rs 12,000/-

3) Post Processing Rs 6000/-

Please use the "contact me" option from the Menu to discuss and take things forward

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