Ayaz is an award winning landscape and nature photographer with a deep commitment to bringing his unique vision to life whenever he lifts a camera to his inspired eye. Ayaz has been perfecting his artistic vision since the tender age of 10 years and…

And that’s a joke.

I can’t write this as if I'm some stuck up fine-art photographer.

I'm just a guy with a camera who lives in Bombay / Mumbai / Panchgani / Nashik and sometimes happens to be at the right place at the right time.

I shoot nature and the world around me with a Nikon full frame before sunrise unless it’s raining in which case I'm usually found sleeping at home which is a bit surprising because I've managed to shoot some of my favourite photographs when its pouring.

I've also got a stock of black & white film that I use on mechanical film cameras from another era...

Unlike what people think, photographers don’t just stroll over to view a sunset, take an award winning pic in a few seconds and go home….It takes a lot of planning, waiting and waiting – for that perfect light, that perfect moment when you get the shot you want and you feel it’s been worth it.

I've spent hours waiting, and have sometimes gone back home empty handed - But I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you for stopping by – It’s great to see you taking an interest in my work and I hope you've enjoyed viewing the photos!!

Associations & Memberships

In the past I've been a chief moderator at the Photography Club of India and a part of various other groups ever since I started taking photographs. Have found all of them to be a great bunch of people who've taught me a lot and its been a great learning experience.

From 2016 onward I've been shooting with DCP Expeditions and have thoroughly enjoyed my photography with them. I shoot with them twice a month in Mumbai and Nashik.

Do check them out at -


I usually get asked this a lot - here's a list of the cameras, lenses and stuff I've used to make these photographs.

Digital Cameras:

Nikon D700 (full frame), Nikon Df (full frame), Canon 1000D (crop sensor), Nikon D90 (crop sensor)

Film Cameras:

Nikon F2, Nikon FM black, Nikon FM Silver, Nikon FG, Pentax Spotmatic, Zenit TTL, Zenit 12, Agfa Optima III, Yashica MG1, Rollei xf 35


Zenitar 16mm 2.8, Nikkor 18mm 3.5, Nikkor 28mm 2.8, Nikkor 200mm f4, Nikkor 50mm 1.4, Nikkor 55mm 2.8 macro, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Sigma10-20, Nikkor 70-210 f4 macro, Lensbaby, Helios 44 f2, Vivitar 200mm 3.5, Nikon 35-70, Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro, Super Takumar 35mm 3.5, Holga, Tamron 500mm etc

Filters & Misc equipment:

Most of my photos have been shot using GNDs, NDs, Polarizers, Achromats, Extension tubes, Gorrilapods, Tripods, Monopods, etc 

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